Look How Easy it is to Make a Blog Post

Isn’t writing fun?  These are my favorite thrift stores in San Diego.


Photo Time!

Here is a sample of a photo that has been added to a post.

The Travel Mama Family at Disney Animal Kingdom
The Travel Mama’s Family at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Today we are working on uploading photos!

Embassy Suites Paradise Valley Pool

The huge pool at Embassy Suites Paradise Valley is fun for all ages

Now I want to write more words.

Embassy Suites Phoenix Pool

My family had a blast swimming in the hotel's pool

Homework Assignment #1

Blogging 101 Homework Night 1
Due 9/26/11

  • Research other blogs.  Find three blogs you like.  Make a comment on one story you like from each of these blogs – print out the story and your comment to turn in.  How to find blogs you’d like?  Google search!  Ex: creative writing blogs, humor blogs, Disney blogs. 
  • Choose your niche.  Brainstorm blog names.  Do Google search for preferred names and look up at GoDaddy.com and WordPress. 
  • Decide if you will use WordPress.com or WordPress.org. (This class will focus primarily on WordPress.com.)
  • Creating a blog in WordPress.org:
    • Follow directions at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress
    • Creating a blog in WordPress.com:
      • Go to www.wordpress.com and click “sign up now”
      • $17 to register name as .com not /wordpress.com & to keep your home address/contact info private
      • Edit My Profile or Update Profile.
        • Enter Basic Details, Contacts (and any Links)
        • Change your Gravatar
          • Click “Change Your Gravatar”
          • Follow instructions
          • Under “But Wait! There’s More!” – click here and follow instructions to allow your Gravatar to be used for the email address on your blog account. Then your Gravatar will show up when you make comments on other blogs.
  • Choose a Theme.
    • Browse themes at themes.wordpress.com
    • 140 themes to choose from
    • Premium themes available at cost allow additional customization
    • Search by word or browse through
    • Select and apply a theme for your blog (you can change it at any time)
      • Log into your blog
      • Click on “Dashboard” near top left of page
      • Scroll down to “Appearance” on left side of page – click theme options
      • Type in the name of the theme you would like to use and click “activate”
  • Change Blog Settings.
    • Change title to how you want it to appear on home page
    • Type in Tagline to briefly describe what your blog is about
    • Change time zone to UTC-8
    • Save changes